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Quick, you have two seconds to name these two countries You’re wrong! Unless you got it right Then good job! They are of course Honduras and El Salvador One thing these two countries have in common is being fanatic about Football Or if you’re a freedom-loving patriot , Soccer But

do they love it so much, they would go to war over it? You bet they would And that is NO BUENO If you look at these two countries you might notice one major difference, and that is that this one is a lot bigger than this one However, this

one had a larger population than this one, made up mostly of farmers And there wasn’t enough land for them to live and work on, so they started moving from El Salvador to Honduras in search of land And by the 1960s a huge number of illegal immigrants had crossed

over the border from El Salvador Meanwhile in Honduras, it’s 1963 and this guy has just staged a military coup to prevent the rise of Communism And is now the military leader of the country He immediately began harassing the peasants’ unions and other left-wing groups But he’s a little

insecure about the legitimacy of his leadership, so he holds an election and wins But then the opposing party says, “Hey man, that election was clearly corrupt and fraudulent And also you’ve been bribed by the rich American banana companies who are taking all of our bananas tax-free And now

our economy is in ruins” And everyone started to get mad at him Now if you ever find yourself the barely legitimate military leader of a corrupt Central American country and you start getting into hot water Here’s a bit of advice that has been tried and tested throughout the

centuries Blame something else So he blamed the Salvadoran immigrants for stealing all the land and all the jobs and ruining Honduras The immigrants found themselves under attack by the hostile locals Egged on by the rich American banana companies who wanted all the bananas to themselves The Honduran government

began evicting Salvadoran immigrants Who had been living on the land for generations And started sending them back to El Salvador The Salvadoran elite were furious and protested, citing moral reasons But in reality, they were just getting a little too crowded So tensions were about as high as they

could be, but then FOOOOTBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALL It’s the 1970 World Cup qualifiers and both countries finished top of their qualifying tables So it’s now time for them to play against each other in a series of matches The first match took place in Honduras The night before the game, Hondurans gathered

outside the Salvadoran team’s hotel making noise and taunting them The next day, Honduras defeated the exhausted Salvadorans with a late 90th minute goal After the match, a young Salvadoran fan, unable to bear her country’s defeat, shot herself Disturbingly, the Salvadoran government glorified the incident and made her into

a national hero And at the next game, fans brought pictures of her to the stadium Emotions were running high as the next match took place in El Salvador and this time the tables were turned The Hondurans had to endure a sleepless night in their hotel And the next

day, before the match started, instead of the Honduran flag, the Salvadorans raised a dirty rag So great job at reducing tensions El Salvador won decisively over the exhausted Hondurans While spectators battled in the stands, team Honduras fled home in a bulletproof bus with rocks being thrown at them

And the Honduran coach reportedly told his players that they were lucky they lost In response to the defeat Hondurans began terrorising the Salvadoran settlers even more In some cases reportedly throwing them off their land and burning down their homes And the immigrants began fleeing back to El Salvador

The final game in Mexico would decide who went to the World Cup It was close But El Salvador came out victorious, knocking Honduras out of the tournament The atmosphere was riotous, literally And back in Honduras attacks on the Salvadoran immigrants further increased This was too much for El

Salvador to bear, with its people under attack And an unmanageable refugee crisis on its hands El Salvador severed all diplomatic ties with Honduras and declared WAR The Football War is also known as the 100 Hours War because that’s how long it lasted Making it one of the shortest

wars in history El Salvador started by carrying out air raids in strat egic locations within Honduras Including Toncontin International Airport Which prevented the Honduran Air Force from getting into the sky Then, with their superior army, they began an invasion along two major roads complete with light tanks and

infantry Their advance was rapid and they were quickly approaching the Honduran capital Then the Organization of American States met in a bit of a panic And unanimously agreed that war between El Salvador and Honduras Was a bad thing and probably shouldn’t continue So they went to El Salvador

and said, “can you please stop invading?” And El Salvador declared, “NOT UNTIL THEY STOP BEING JERKS!!!!” And so the war went on The Honduran Air Force finally got into the sky And with aid from neighboring Nicaragua They successfully carried out air raids in Salvadoran air bases and oil

facilities Crippling the Salvadoran supply line and stopping their advance dead Caught in a bit of a stalemate, the situation was no longer advantageous to El Salvador So when the Organization of American States once again asked them to stop and agreed to ensure the safety of the Salvadoran immigrants

El Salvador relented and a ceasefire was organized on the 18th of July Then the OAS said, “can you now please withdraw your troops from Honduras?” “No” – “Please”- “No” – “Please”- “No” – “Please”- “No” “Do it or we’ll sanction you” “You know what?” “Just for you” “I’ll do

it” So El Salvador pulled its troops out of Honduras on the 2nd of August and with casualties in the thousands, The war was over The economies of both nations were damaged by the war And El Salvador didn’t have the capability to take care of all the returning immigrants

A crisis that eventually helped cause a civil war The war left behind land and border disputes Some of which are still a cause of tension to this day El Salvador went on to play in the World Cup, but lost every match they played And didn’t make it past

the group stage So in the end nobody achieved anything and there were no winners Except for this guy

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