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hey techdoctor what’s the best way for me to cost video from my cellphone on to my streaming device well in this video today I’ll be sharing with you an amazing application which will allow you to not only cost any video from your cell phone but also any video

from any of the popular streaming sites directly onto your Android device now what makes this APK particularly special is it’s 100% free and it doesn’t require any installation onto your target device or whether that’s at Nvidia shield or Android box or a fire stick or fire TV you

can cost any video on there without installing anything first so I think that’s pretty special and I’m looking forward to sharing that with you so it all of that being said let’s get started okay so when you first start the application this is what you’ll see so the

application has a very nice King layout now the main purpose of the application is to broadcast or cost local video from your cell phone onto your streaming device now let me just say one more time because I have reviewed other applications like this in the past but all

of those required us to install something onto our fire stake or our Android box or our Nvidia shield so something had to be installed onto the target device before we could do this kind of costing how with this application you’ll need to install something on your phone and

you’re good to go so the first thing you want to do when you start the application is to pair it with your streaming device now I’m doing my demonstration on my second-generation for a stick with the lex-harbor the process is exactly the same on any streaming device that

you choose so the first thing you on your click on is the icon on the top right this will now show you compatible devices on your network with this application and a we can just see I’ve got a couple of Smart TVs streaming box and I can also

play this locally on my phone but in this example I’m going to use my fire sticks let’s click on that now and this will now establish your connection from this application to my fire stick and we can just see on the top right is connected and that’s it

guys in terms of setup it’s a very very quick and easy setup process so now the application is ready to use with my fire sticks let’s click on the back button ok so let’s see if we can now actually cost something from my phone onto my fire stick

so let us start with local video first let’s click on that and here we can just see some local videos on my cell phone let’s try costing the 4k video and there we have a guys literally with one click we are now broadcasting or costing a 4k video

directly onto my fire sticks so no installation no pop-ups no problem one click and you’re costing let us for that a bit that’s what you absolutely fine no lag or no structuring and that’s a great looking video let’s press the back button okay so does me costing a

video for my local device let’s now try a photo let’s press the back button click on picture let’s try this photo over here let’s try this one and once again with one click we are now looking at photos stored on our device directly when I first egg I

think we can’t just do this and that then updates the photo that’s working great get us back out of that I mean that in itself just the fact that we can cost any video or any picture from our cell phone onto our fire stick with no installation that

I think itself is pretty cool but what makes this application really special is some of the streaming features so let’s go back out of this so in the home screen we can see we have some really nice bookmarks for some of the most popular streaming sites out there

we have everything from YouTube to Vimeo to film on live league lots of great stuff on there guys and you could really find pretty much anything that you’re looking for let us test this for example so let’s say we go to film on let’s just try BBC one

let’s press the play button there and then let’s press this yellow button and the bomb which basically means Kostis to my device and there we have it guys with one click we are now costing the streaming site directly into our forest ape with no prompts no pop-up little

gets one plague and it’s on our screen and that’s working really really well get us back out of that let’s try one more let’s try a live league okay so we can see there’s a video of some NASA let’s click on that once we let’s press the yellow

button at the bottom here and there we have it guys we are now broadcasting this directly and how far is take it really does just work really well guys I’m really impressed with their especially the fact that we don’t need to install anything onto our forest ik first

literally just install the application on your phone and you’re good to go ok let’s back out of that so in summary guys I think it is a fantastic application with some really good features I think probably the biggest plus point is the fact that we don’t need to

install anything onto our streaming device anything onto our Android box is literally install this onto your cell phone and you’re good to go on top of that we saw the both local video on the phone local pictures were broadcast without any problems on to our device no issues

there but the real killer feature by far guys is the fact that you got access to all of these bookmarks so any of the content you’re looking for any of the streaming movies or TV shows or any of that kind of content you want you can use any

of these bookmarks on here and broadcast directly from your cell phone onto your streaming device so that has to be one of the best features I’ve ever seen and it works flawlessly so this application definitely gets a double thumbs-up from me and that’s all for this video guys

many thanks for watching do leave me a comment below and let me know anything about this application I’ll leave all the links that you need for it in the video description so do check it out let me know what you think and I’ll hopefully catch up with you

guys real soon thanks thanks again for watching guys oh and if you interested in a VPN if you click on that link on the bottom left you’ll get a great 46 percent discount if you are worried about your privacy and you want to stay safe online I do

recommend you check out our VPN thanks again guys see you on the next one

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