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IPTV Affiliate

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IPTV Affiliate

IPTV Affiliate Marketing is currently a popular term in the Marketing area for open opportunities to all people who have a demand for earning money by sharing a product or a service with other people.

What is IPTV Affiliate?

IPTV Affiliate is to put a banner or link on their website that links to an IPTV provider on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, and other social media sites. From this IPTV Affiliate program you can earn commissions from sales made on IPTV. In this case, once someone visits the IPTV page and makes a payment through the link or banner, you will be able to earn commissions.

Here is an article where I would like to propose IPTV Affiliate for Bestbuy IPTV.

How to start IPTV Affiliate?

The process to become an IPTV affiliate is quite easy and requires little to no knowledge.

First and foremost, you need to go to this link then register an account.

After that, you can get the affiliate link in a text or image banner form from the Affiliate panel then place on your website. The commissions will be counted to you if someone accesses the IPTV website and purchases via the link displayed on your page.

In the case that you have not registered an Affiliate account with Bestbuy IPTV yet, register one is a must because the Affiliate program is a separate area.

Why should IPTV Affiliate for Best Buy IPTV be chosen?


The fast is that if you are an Affiliate of Betsbuy IPTV, you feel satisfied with our service. Then that very satisfaction makes you have a demand of sharing such good service with the others. You find our service believable and good enough to separate to everyone and that is our pleasing. When you believe in us, then the IPTV Affiliate program is a worthy reward for you – a honorable partner.

In the circumstance that our service is not good in any aspect, your customers will become gradually disappointed and don’t trust you anymore. Hence, in order to establish and maintain good relationships with your customers, you should ensure that all products and the service you introduce are stable and good enough to hold their feet.

Reliable and amazing streaming

Bestbuy IPTV is proud to offer a massive pool of various content including live TV channels, movies, and TV series from about 40 countries globally. This is a good point compared to other competitions. The Anti-freezing technology will reduce all buffering, therefore you do not have to care about it.

Earnings & Guaranteed Payments

We guarantee on-time payment. Join our IPTV Affiliate programs and become our partner, and you’ll receive a steady stream of income. Our Affiliate Program will allow you to make money even while you sleep.

What does the Bestbuy Affiliate panel have?

As described below, some highlights of using the Best Buy affiliate panel include:

  • Payout setting: this section is about selecting a payment gateway and the minimum amount that can be requested as a payment.
  • Affiliate link: This link allows you to refer our service to your customers or other people. We recommend you use this link as your main affiliate link.
  • Banners & Links: To affiliate our service with your site, you can place a banner on it or simply a Link banner with affiliate parameters.
  • Payouts to me: To get your commissions, you must make a request once your commissions meet the minimum amount that you set up. Upon verification, we’ll send the money through the payment gateway you choose.

How to calculate the commission you will get?

In the Commissions screen on the Bestbuy Affiliate panel, you can see a list of all transactions and commissions registered by the system. Now I will verify the percentage of commissions you will receive per transaction.

  • If your customer registers a Personal account, the commission you receive will count as 30% of each transaction. For example, if your Personal customer paid successfully for 2 years by PayPal (with 10% of fees), and the actual amount they paid is $132, then your commissions from this transaction will be 30% of $132 that is $ 39.60.
  • In case your customer is a Reseller or Restreamer, the commission you receive will count as 30% of 30% of each transaction. For example, if your Reseller customer bought successfully the package for $200 for 225 credits. He paid using Byteseller that charges 25% of fees, then the total amount is $250. After that, you will get 30% off 30% of $250 that is $22.5.

If customers ask for a refund but the commission is paid to you, your commission will be adjusted a little from your future payments.

Partner Affiliates – FAQ’s

  1. What is the Best Buy Affiliate Program?
    As a member of the Best Buy Affiliate Program, you will receive a financial reward for directing new customers to our website for subscriptions. The commissions you get come from any subscriptions purchased by customers in your network.
  2. How to join the Best Buy Affiliate Program?
    Joining to the Affiliate program very easy. You just have to click on the Sign-up link, then you will receive a link of the Affiliate panel.
  3. How does the Best Buy Affiliate Program work?
    Our program helps you earn money when you direct new customers to our website and they pay for subscriptions. You can put banners, links, product reviews we provide on your social media. When you share new customers about our service and then they make a purchase with us, we will receive commissions from sales.
  4. Does it cost anything to become an Affiliate?
    Taking part in this program is totally free. It requires no minimum sales requirement or payment of any kind.
  5. How much can Affiliate partners be earned?
    It depends on you. We also provide the content to put on your social media but your commissions completely are based on your sales.
  6. Is it allowed to put posts about our service on many websites?
    Absolutely yes! You can upload posts about our service on one or all of your website or social media pages. The more links and content you place on your websites, the more visitors who are able to be sent to us.
  7. Is the Blog or website eligible for the Affiliate Program?
    Most blogs and websites can join this Affiliate Program. However, we have the right to refuse membership to a website or revoke your membership at any time if your website contains unsuitable content.
  8. You can join Affiliate Program without your own blogs and website?
    Instead of blogs and websites, you can use your social media as a mean to share about our service via the affiliate link.
  9. I don’t use your IPTV service yet, can I participate in your Affiliate Program?
    Yes, you can. However, you should spend some days try using our service. You can use a free trial to test, then you will have certain knowledge about our service. That makes you more confident to recommend our service to the others.
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